Beechjet Center Console


This Beechjet center console was modeled after the real aircraft. 

This center console is an all metal construction with a USB game controller device interface, so no drivers are required for the operation of this console. If your simulator can use a joystick input, this console will work. The power levers feature adjustable oil dampers. The flap lever also has an adjustable damper, with the 0 – 10 – 30 detents. 

The center console is a single USB interface, along with a hidden mounting kit that will bolt to the base of your cockpit hiding the method of mounting the center console.

Center Console Features:

  • L & R Engine EFC Switches
  • L & R Test Push Buttons
  • L & R Start Switches
  • L & R Start Selector
  • Starter Disengage Button
  • Speed Brake Emergency Retract Switch
  • Speed Brake Retract and Extend Switch
  • Engine Sync Switch
  • Dual Rudder Trim Switch
  • Roll Trim Switch
  • Roll & Rudder Trim Disconnect Switch
  • Anti Skid Switch
  • Emergency Pitch Trim On/Off Switch
  • Up & Down Trim Switch
  • L & R Power Levers with cut off fuel gates (adjustable dampers)
  • Friction Lever
  •  0 – 10 – 30 Degree Flap Lever
  • Backlit Buttons


  • 12.5 x 11.5 x 12.5  in

Compatible Software:

  • X-Plane 10 & 11
  • FSX
  • Prepar3d 
  • FS2020